Andy Vargas


If musical legend Santana is the king of Latino Rock and soul, then Andy Vargas is the prince heir to Latino soul music in the US. Now cemented in music history for over two decades as the lead singer of Santana, Andy Vargas represents the future of music creativity and industry intellect for the next generation.

Vargas’s musical genesis is equally fascinating. Hailing from the small town of Watsonville, California, Andy began working with manager producers Terry Melcher, Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys and eventually Lou Adler. This small town kid then signed to RCA records under Ron Fair which garnered the opportunity to join the legendary Carlos Santana and the Santana Band. Having toured the globe several times, Andy has worked with talents such as Juanes, Beyonce, Enrique Iglesias and many more, Andy has created his own special genre of music. This seismic sound and new thought of artist’s rights and access gained the attention of acclaimed comedian George Lopez. Along with distribution powerhouse United Masters Andy and George have elevated to the “release phase” of their new record Label, Malaspalabras Records(MPR).

Malapabras has become a point of cultural connection. Community, fashion and music, Andy calls this the Malaspalabras familia. This dream from the mind of Vargas is just one of many. The pioneering attitude of Andy’s is evident in the curation of artists for the label. Their exciting first venture? The digital release of “Pushing Ahead,” a feel good rock tune from famed guitarist Chris Perez. On Spotify and youtube, the single and music videos have garners tens of thousands of views and lauded comments of praise from the most important demographic, the fans!

The community aspect in the Malaspalabras familia, and Andy’s musical pedigree was handed down from his father, accomplished musician Javier Vargas, instilling a greater purpose to pass on what he has learned. In 2015, when Andy launched The Andy Vargas Foundation (AVF), a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire, educate and mentor underserved youth who strive for a career in the music industry.

Commitment to his beliefs of AVF, Andy routinely headlines fundraisers for College Scholarships programs and musical classes. Via, The AVF achieves its mission by providing youth with free community programs that include a Music Conservatory; Music Composition & Production Academy; and College Scholarships that are critical in paving the way for underserved youth to achieve their artistic dreams.

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