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Chris Perez

Grammy Award-Winning Guitarist, Songwriter, and Best-Selling Author

The Chris Pérez Band, formed by Grammy Award-Winning Guitarist, Songwriter, and Best-Selling Author Chris Pérez, is a Latin Rock band infused with English and Spanish grooves. The band won a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album for their album 'Resurrection', beating out many notable acts. In this album, Pérez dedicated his English crossover hit song, “Best I Can”, to his wife, the late Latin superstar, Selena. To this day, Selena is the most successful Latin artist in the world and of all-time.

Krystal Ortega

Sexy Latin Pop Singer

Krystal Ortega, a Colombian-Puerto Rican singer-songwriter born and raised in Queens, NY, is making waves in the music industry with her infectious Latin flavor. Now based in Orlando, Florida, Krystal is a versatile artist who effortlessly flows between genres in both Spanish and English. With her sexy Latin pop style and reggaeton beats, her music is both alluring and provocative.

Krystal has already made a name for herself in the English market with her hit single "So Good," which peaked at number 9 on the dance ...

Alexis Grullon

Singer Songwriter Producer

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Andy Vargas

Prince heir to Latino soul music in the US.

If musical legend Santana is the king of Latino Rock and soul, then Andy Vargas is the prince heir to Latino soul music in the US. Now cemented in music history for over two decades as the lead singer of Santana, Andy Vargas represents the future of music creativity and industry intellect for the next generation.

Vargas’s musical genesis is equally fascinating. Hailing from the small town of Watsonville, California, Andy began working with manager producers Terry Melcher, Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys and eventu...

Anthny Jordn

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Louie McFly


Luis Alfonso Lopez Garcia (professionally known as LouieMcFly) is a Mexican American singer/ songwriter. He was born in Norwalk, California (LA County) and raised in Anaheim, California (Orange County). For several years, Louie was a part of a travel soccer team that competed all over the country, but found his true passion in music and singing.

Always one to be in the spotlight, in late 2020, Louie decided to post a video of himself singing a cover song on a new app called TikTok. When his first video went viral, he knew he was onto something special. In a short two and a half years, Louie McFly has amassed a strong fanbase of over 1.3 Million followers on TikTok and 245k followers on Instagram with both his English & Spanish "Language Swaps" of popular songs in all genres, which have really resonated with fans.

2023 marks a new milestone for Louie, as he prepares to drop his first commercial release called "Make Her Laugh” via Malaspalabras Records, the new label founded by comedy star George Lopez and Carlos Santana’s vocalist Andy Vargas. “Make Her Laugh” is a feel-good tune that fuses pop, R&B, and a bit of Country flavor and a new musical direction for Louie.

Louie's powerful voice, passionate energy, and charismatic charm prove that there's nothing stopping him from achieving his goals and becoming a real contender in the music industry. Louie now also has the honor of being one of the first Latin artists to partner with Malaspalabras Records.

Baby Lores

Cuban Musical Genius

Baby Lores, a prolific Cuban musical genius, has left an indelible mark across an array of musical genres. Born in the enchanting city of Cienfuegos, Cuba, his musical journey commenced in 1994 as a member of the band Ismaelillo. It was within this group that he meticulously honed his skills on various instruments such as the guitar, vocals, bass, and piano, thus laying the foundation for a remarkable career spanning over two illustrious decades. In a recent milestone, Baby Lores joined forces with HEBER in October 2023 to create the captivating single, "Amigo Del Barrio," released under the esteemed Malaspalabras Records, a label initiated by none other than Santana's own Andy Vargas and the renowned comedian George Lopez. Stepping into the role of musical director for the La Formula Production project in 2004 marked another pivotal moment in Baby Lores' career.


Malaspalabras Records Rising Musical Star

Heber is making waves with his infectious new single "Amigo Del Barrios," a collaboration with up-and-comer BABY Lores. The track marks HEBER's debut release with Malaspalabras Records (MPR), an artist-empowering label founded by comedian George Lopez and Santana vocalist Andy Vargas. Born Heber Alonso Martinez Corral in sunny Ciudad Obregón, Mexico, HEBER seemed destined for musical greatness early on. His biblical name, meaning "the one who defines covenants," encapsulates his artistic journey. At 14, he was honing his freestyling and improvising rhyming skills with friends. By 15, he began exploring R&B, though his heart truly beats for reggae and rap. With a natural talent for songwriting, HEBER has not only paved his own path but shared stages with legends like Nach, Gondwana, and SFDK. He's brought his eclectic sound to prestigious festivals worldwide, including FAOT and the International Festival of Indigenous Languages. Collaboration is central to HEBER's artistry.