Malaspalabras Records Rising Musical Star

Heber is making waves with his infectious new single "Amigo Del Barrios," a collaboration with up-and-comer BABY Lores. The track marks HEBER's debut release with Malaspalabras Records (MPR), an artist-empowering label founded by comedian George Lopez and Santana vocalist Andy Vargas. Born Heber Alonso Martinez Corral in sunny Ciudad Obregón, Mexico, HEBER seemed destined for musical greatness early on. His biblical name, meaning "the one who defines covenants," encapsulates his artistic journey. At 14, he was honing his freestyling and improvising rhyming skills with friends. By 15, he began exploring R&B, though his heart truly beats for reggae and rap. With a natural talent for songwriting, HEBER has not only paved his own path but shared stages with legends like Nach, Gondwana, and SFDK. He's brought his eclectic sound to prestigious festivals worldwide, including FAOT and the International Festival of Indigenous Languages. Collaboration is central to HEBER's artistry.

He's penned compelling tracks like "No Me Arrepiento" with MC Davo and even sang backup for Davo alongside stars like Nicky Jam and Bad Bunny. With over 10 singles under his belt, HEBER continues his meteoric rise. Genre-spanning songs like the nostalgic yet fresh "Back to the '90s" with Andres Ramos and the velvety "Zandunga" showcase his versatility. And chart-topping potential radiates from irresistible hits like "Bonita Lokita" and "Vente" with Said Aguilar. HEBER's magnetism shines through on his new single "Amigo Del Barrios." This winning collaboration with BABY Lores marks an exciting new chapter with Malaspalabras Records. Propelling artists beyond the old label model, MPR leverages creative digital strategies to empower musicians' careers. HEBER's future looks undeniably bright.