Louie McFly

The Emerging Star on the Horizon

Luis Alfonso Lopez Garcia (professionally known as LouieMcFly) is a Mexican American singer/ songwriter. He was born in Norwalk, California (LA County) and raised in Anaheim, California (Orange County). For several years, Louie was a part of a travel soccer team that competed all over the country, but found his true passion in music and singing.

Always one to be in the spotlight, in late 2020, Louie decided to post a video of himself singing a cover song on a new app called TikTok. When his first video went viral, he knew he was onto something special. In a short two and a half years, Louie McFly has amassed a strong fanbase of over 1.3 Million followers on TikTok and 245k followers on Instagram with both his English & Spanish "Language Swaps" of popular songs in all genres, which have really resonated with fans.